Today, I Dumped My Boyfriend 💔

Could I have been a better girlfriend? Yes. Could I have put more effort and time into our relationship? Yes. Could I have progressed at a quicker pace with him instead of keeping him at arm length? Yes. Could I have brought him into my family and actually made our talks/dreams a reality? Yes. Could … Continue reading Today, I Dumped My Boyfriend 💔

Is It Love Or Is It Abuse? 💔

There were a total of 1,068,020 domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes recorded by the police in England and Wales in the year ending March, 2017. Of these, 54% were incidents not subsequently recorded as a crime and remained as incidents. The law was changed in 2015 to include “coercive and controlling behaviour”. Considering it’s prevalence … Continue reading Is It Love Or Is It Abuse? 💔

Seeing Myself Through His Eyes 😍

The thing is... BPD feelings are perfectly normal; everything is just amplified. The intensity of, often reactionary, emotions... hurts. It all hurts so much. Everything conflicts. You’re narcissistic, but full of self loathing. You’re indignant, but also guilty. You’re furious, yet full of sadness. You’re surrounded by people who you know love you, but you’re … Continue reading Seeing Myself Through His Eyes 😍