Still Breathing 💨

I’ve done a lot of stupid shit the last few months coz of my mental health. I thought I was ok, but except for giving me acne, fucked up periods, dodgy joints and bigger boobs, my new meds haven’t actually done much besides curb my anger, irritation and sadness. My anxiety is sky high in … Continue reading Still Breathing 💨


Swing, Swing, From The Tangles of My Heart 😒

I’m on a downer. I’m apathetic and feel dead. I’m tired, weak, and everything has slowed down. My speech is slurred, my reflexes are slower, n my body aches. My brain isn’t working. I feel sedated. I’ve been exhausted all day despite sleeping well last night. My vision is blurry. I feel dead inside. Empty. … Continue reading Swing, Swing, From The Tangles of My Heart 😒

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 🤔

I hate when you get used to feeling “good”, then you turn into the opposite. I completely flew off handle the other day over some basic, not-at-all-important criticism, and have been a moody irritable cow ever since. My body aches, I’m having migraines, I’m sore and tender and fucking EXHAUSTED. All because someone said something … Continue reading Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 🤔

BPD… I’m Coming For You 😋

People thinking it’s “all in your head”. People thinking I’ve “chosen to be sick”. People thinking I’ve “made” myself sick. I have borderline personality disorder. It’s not just a mental illness. It’s a neurological disorder like ADHD or autism. Sections of my brain are abnormally large and don’t process information in the way it should. … Continue reading BPD… I’m Coming For You 😋

Seeing Myself Through His Eyes 😍

The thing is... BPD feelings are perfectly normal; everything is just amplified. The intensity of, often reactionary, emotions... hurts. It all hurts so much. Everything conflicts. You’re narcissistic, but full of self loathing. You’re indignant, but also guilty. You’re furious, yet full of sadness. You’re surrounded by people who you know love you, but you’re … Continue reading Seeing Myself Through His Eyes 😍