Hulk! Smash! 🤬

I had a hulk moment today; am sporting self inflicted bruises now. Plus I’m exhausted, drained, and a bit miserable that I gave in to it. Was only brief but felt like a lifetime. The fatigue and the aftereffects have lasted all day since my hulk out. I want to change my cycle but keep … Continue reading Hulk! Smash! 🤬


Swing, Swing, From The Tangles of My Heart 😒

I’m on a downer. I’m apathetic and feel dead. I’m tired, weak, and everything has slowed down. My speech is slurred, my reflexes are slower, n my body aches. My brain isn’t working. I feel sedated. I’ve been exhausted all day despite sleeping well last night. My vision is blurry. I feel dead inside. Empty. … Continue reading Swing, Swing, From The Tangles of My Heart 😒