Panic 😱

So, heightened anxiety is something I’ve dealt with for along time. For some reason, this growing sense of panic has been suffocating me lately. I can barely breathe because of it. My chest is tight. My ears burn. I’m grinding my teeth so my jaw aches. My face feels hot. I’m cold, and shivering. I’m hyper vigilant and scared of my own shadow.


Honestly, it’s draining trying to figure it out, as well as living life when everything terrifies me.

Anyways, I did what I always do when I need to get my feelings out and process things;

I wrote about it.

Only this time I wrote a poem for some reason. I haven’t done so in years, and am a little rusty, but here it goes:


Everywhere you look;

A closed book,

You think you’ve lost the plot.


Though you are not.

Your chest is tight,

Your ears are burning;

This is just a blight,

It’ll all be over soon;

But the burning turns to ringing,

And your sanity,

It’s gone;

Your heart beats rapidly;

It’ll all be over soon,

Like a dune;


Blowing in the wind.

Hope you enjoyed it ❤️

If anyone has any tips for dealing with anxiety, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks, all.

Big love.

Ruby ❤️

2 thoughts on “Panic 😱

  1. I struggle with BPD rage issues, I am by nature not an angry person, I do not have a temper or ever get mad. But lately simple little things just set me off and I go off on innocent people I hate this part of BPD. I am working with my treatment team and have not had a rage issue in about three months. I hate it when I get angry and rage. Does anyone have any coping skills that they use? Looking for anything that helps/ Thanks.

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