Managing Your Mental Health This Christmas 🎄

Christmas is stressful, whether you live with a mental health condition or not. Winter can be difficult for many, and lots of people experience loneliness, isolation and stress, so here’s 5 tips on how to manage your mental health and well-being over the holidays…

1.) Stay connected.

Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is talk to people, but isolating myself only make my symptoms worse. Sometimes it really helps to have someone to talk to, and to listen to you. I’m spending this holiday at my dad’s house, abroad, because I honestly couldn’t imagine being alone this year. It’s my first without my mum.

2.) Have your mental health team’s numbers on speed dial and Samaritan’s.

No one should suffer in silence, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

3.) Practice mindfulness and take a “mental health” day.

When I feel overwhelmed, I have to disappear. Hide away. Go off the grid. Just for a little while. I take time for me. I read a book, I listen to music, or watch Netflix. I practice hobbies, or put on YouTube. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is taking time for myself.

4.) Stay healthy.

Everyone overindulges during the Christmas period, but a healthy diet, staying hydrated, gentle exercise and getting enough sleep helps me maintain a balanced mood.

5.) Staying active.

It can be difficult to do this one. It’s not that I enjoy laying around, because I really don’t. It’s a matter of motivation, and gearing myself up for it, but once I do it, I do find my mood happier. Me and kids went to the outdoor gym today, and worked out overlooking the bay. It was really beneficial, even if it did take me 2 hours to motivate myself to do it.

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