When Your SEN Child Plays Up…

SEN child was playing up. Everyone looks at you like you’re incapable or stressed or overwhelmed or a bad parent. In reality, it’s his first flare up in ages. A regression of sorts, after weeks or months of understanding the world as it is, before he suddenly forgets everything he’s learnt, in a split second. I’m desperately trying to diffuse the situation and ensure he’s safe because he’s impulsive and doesn’t view the world like others his age do. I don’t have a child who behaves “perfectly” or neurotypically, but that doesn’t mean I’m
a bad mother raising a naughty child, or am overwhelmed and struggling. I have a handle on it, even if you think otherwise.

My son doesn’t process things in a typical way. His senses are either hypersensitive or hyposensitive. This can result in excess touching, and he doesn’t fully understand boundaries or personal space. He has limited danger awareness, hyper mobility and dyspraxia. He has speech apraxia.

He’s significantly behind his peers, in emotional, intellectual and academic development.

He’s a special boy. He’s loving, and kind. He’s warm, and helpful. He wants to be everyone’s friend, even when he struggles to communicate.

He doesn’t mean to be “naughty”, he has no control over it, and all I can do is keep teaching him and hoping that one day it sticks.


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