Still Breathing 💨

I’ve done a lot of stupid shit the last few months coz of my mental health.

I thought I was ok, but except for giving me acne, fucked up periods, dodgy joints and bigger boobs, my new meds haven’t actually done much besides curb my anger, irritation and sadness. My anxiety is sky high in public places and I’ve had several hypo manias that leave me broke and wondering why the fuck I needed a bread bin when I don’t eat bread.

I’m not sure I’d know stable if it hit me in the face. I want to be me but don’t know who she is anymore.

I’ve avoided sections at least four times, literally by the skin of my teeth. Last time (summer 2017), I had to go day hospital as an in patient but got to go home after a few hours every day, and was there two weeks.

The positive? I’m still breathing.


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