Recovery To Me Is No Longer Having Enough Symptoms To Qualify For Diagnosis 😌

I’ve had people tell me I’m beyond recovery. I’ve had people blame every emotion I have on eupd/bpd. I’ve had people turn a harassment case into an attack on my mental stability because they didn’t see what I saw.

Having read my notes, I’ve always been very low-scale bpd. Even when at my worst. My care-coordinator believes it’s situational bpd, and now I’ve learnt skills, it means I can better handle my disorder, and that recovery is possible.

If I go 5 years without a bpd “episode”, I can even have my diagnosis removed and downgraded to “traits”. I am currently 6 months without symptoms.

The people on bpd “support” groups ridiculed this idea. They laughed at me. Attacked me. Well, others may be happy to live in the constant turmoil of borderline personality disorder. They may even have resigned themselves to the fact recovery is impossible, based on outdated, under-researched papers, but not me. I AM getting rid of this diagnosis and I WILL recover.

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